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July 21, 2000 - This may be short, but it is indeed the long overdue update to the site. There isn't much new to report about the job. Our steady progress continues through this second week here in Philly. Most of the cables are run and tested, our "sky boxes" are nearing completion, our compound is now fenced in, the mobile catering kitchen is on site, and Sunday the satellite trucks will begin to arrive. Monday is "park and power" day for the 48' foot production truck that we will be using to do our shows for the Fox News Channel. It's actually one of the same truck Fox Sports uses to do football, and has a big Fox Sports on the side.

I guess that is fitting, since this event is like the opening quarter in the Super Bowl of politics we call a presidential election. The second quarter will be the DNC convention, the campaign is the long second half, and election day will certainly feature on candidates "Hail Mary" pass. This all followed a few months later by the big celebration parade that is the solemn event of our democracy that is the innaugaration of a President - the peaceful transfer of leadership that has continued uninterrupted for 225 years.

I hope all the readers out there have been enjoying the pictures and multimedia, and I hope you forgive the tardiness. Thanks again for visiting. Despite the delay in updates, this has so far been the most popular trip I've done on the web. Thanks to everyone literally around the world for the support and kind feedback. The next update will be on "Page Three." Happy surfing!

July 14, 2000 - A giant rainstorm today showed some weaknesses in the tent, and uncovered work that was promised by the tent and floor contractors but never done. Just small things like sealing the tent roof, canopies over the doors, and drainage under the floor.

The storm found me getting totally soaked outside, frantically trying to keep our technical gear from being flooded. The heavy power cables running outside the tent behind our gear were damming the water, up to a couple of inches in some places. That coupled with some tent issues was getting a lot of water a lot closer to the gear than I like. But at the same time, I wasn't thrilled to be handling 208V power cables while they're hot and wet. My solution was to fly them a few inches off the ground on empty cable reels. It worked like a champ, and I wandered back to the hotel in search of dry socks.

July 15, 2000 - A slower day today than the last few. Most of the folks from New York who were down for the week have gone home for the weekend. And a few others are headed off to LA to start building for our coverage of the Democrat's convention.

Most of the day was spent on small projects, fixing cables, tweaking here and there. We nocked off a bit early to make it feel more like a Saturday. Tomorrow, more of the same.

Dinner tonight at a seafood place on the waterfront. I never realized that Philly had a waterfront!

My first experience with mussels, and I loved them. A much better thing than the clams I tried the other night.


Exec. Prod. Marty Ryan makes a visit
Most of the "Advance" team
My first attempt at mussels
Pat Muskopf solders a connector
Steve Hirsh, the savvy mind behind everything in Philly. Links to LARGE file
Working on coms, and pulling more cable!
PA Michelle DeVeterino