Page Four
July 31, 2000 - Day One of the GOP Convention, and we are running with all systems looking good. Though Fox did cover the 1996 conventions, it was a little, umm, less than stellar. This year is totally different. We are holding our own against the other nets, and making some great television.

The mood here is upbeat. Everyone is happy to finally be into the show, and done with the setup stage.

July 30, 2000 - Dateline Philadelphia. The day before the storm. All of our personnel are in place, all of our gear tested out. The challenge, as always, is can it all come together when it's crunch time.

Things are busy today. More than 20 afilliates are on site, with countless more taking our feeds. We have already done two full programs in the last two days, and everyone is already weary with the anticipation of what it to come.

But at the same time it is like all big news events. A reunion of old friends and collegues from around the world. A meeting in real life of people whose telephone voice is very well know. A chance to go out and get happy on somebody elses dime.

There twas a convention in Philly,

that everyone thought was quite silly

the media came,

it was very insane,

and worth it, I ask, is it really?

Massoud and producer Greg Headden
Anchor Brit Hume "tracks" as EP Jim Eldrige looks on.
Anchors Paula Zahn and Tony Snow
Rita Cosby and Jim Mills
Sr. White House reporter Jim Angle
Producer Steve Hirsh keeps an eye on the feed from around town and other nets
"Beltway Boys" producer Michelle Remillard
Prod. Mike Amore logs a tape feed