July 13, 2000 - First, a big thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site on the recomendation of the great folks I'm honored to be working with. Please accept my apologies for not getting very much writing done about this trip, and for being a bit tardy about getting photos onto the web site. I promise it will change!

Thanks again for visiting!



A few pictures will be placed on the "diary" pages. But due to numerous complints from dial-up friends, too many photos there makes the pages load to slow. Please be patient as the pages load.

July 5, 2000 - Welcome to Philadelphia. Here we are on the road for quite a while, setting up for what is perhaps the biggest undertaking in the short history of Fox News - a political convention. I'm still getting organized, and we just got in today. So I don't have any real news for you. There isn't anything in any of the sections yet, and I only have one shot for the time lapse sequence. The time lapse is a new thing, and if it works I hope it will give you an idea of the hard work that happens behind the scenes, and in the process it won't crash your computer. Pictures to come tomorrow!