To have a link added, please send it to me at . I'll check it out and add it to my links page. And if you're site is really good, I'll even give it my seal of approval! I'm always looking for sites that have lots of good goat information, like feeding, health care, and great stories - especially sites that look good and are easy to use.

Matilda's Favortie Links

JCAndalusians is the farm that I live on. Jenni owns the farm, and she is really nice to me. She gives me lots of hay, and if I'm a good goat I even get some alfalfa. You can see pictures of all my horse friends here.

National Goat Handbook A no-frills text only site PACKED with information about goats. From AI to Worms, this is a great resource from the National Dairy Database at the U. of MD

Goat AnatomyTest very cool, wait for the Java to completely load.

Fiasco FarmThis is a great site! I wish all goat sites were as well done as Fiasco Farm. What it lacks in content, it makes up for in design and wit.

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Goat Health

Goats SeriousGreat site for health information about goats.

Bar None Meat Goats - A Parasite PrimerAll about wormers for goats.

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Goat Nutrition

Purina Mills GoatChow I don't eat this stuff, but a lot of other goats do! Find out more about goat nutrition, and what and how much to feed us.

Pasture FAQAll about pastures. If you want a very happy goat, have a happy pasture. It's not exactly about us goats, but it's a great resource for your farm.

Poisonous Plants Plants that are toxic to goats. All text, no pictures.

Goat Droppings Home Page Two good articles on feeding and understanding feed bag tags.

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Caprine SupplyA great selection of stuff to keep us goats happy. I haven't ordered from them, but they do have a big selection.

Jeffers Livestock ProductsAll kinds of supplies for the farm.

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Oberhasli Breeders International - I'm an Oberhasli, and you can learn more about us here. We are a very rare kind of goat from Switzerland. This page has information about our history, our characteristics, and pictures of some pretty example of what other Oberhasli's look like.

AlpenglowYikes! MIDI music - Matilda has to find the off button before surfing the rest of the page. Some good Oberhasli stuff here, but all the links open in new windows, and then more windows, and yet again more windows....

Goat Breeds All the different kinds of goats in the whole world, with pictures and descriptions from Oklahoma State University.

Raven Crest Goat DirectoryA big list of goat breeders.

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General Links

Goats and more Goats From the Irvine, CA 4H club comes this crash course in goats. Very well done, packed with information.

WWW Library - Livestock Section (Goat)An excellent link-list from Oklahoma State. Check out some of the links to other land-grant schools and extension services for good info on taking care of goats, and raising and marketing goats.

NC Cooperative Extension - Goat InformationJam-packed with information! A great place to find answers to your questions.

Maryland Small Ruminant Page - sheepandgoat.comThe U of MD brings you yet another great site. Tons o'links, and a nice design too. There is also information about small farms and other ruminants like sheep.

AlpineHaus Online Goat Book A good souce of information and links with a nice clean layout.

Wind River Pack Goats A great site on goat packing, aka getting the goat to carry your load.

goatwisdomLot's of information, most of it can also be found on the academic links. The layout is a little clunky, but the information is a little more accessable and understandable than other sites.

Khimaira Dairy Goat FarmThis site has a lot of different stuff, from a store with hard to find goat supplies to import/export services and web hosting. I don't go there too often because it's a very hard to navigate site - very poor layout, too many "free site" things, and the code clogs up my browser.

Dairy Goat Facts A short summary of what us dairy goats are all about - from the American Dairy Goat Assoc.

Eagle Creek Pack Goats A good source for information on hiking with us.

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