This is my photo album. I like being in pictures, even though I don't smile a lot!

One time I smelled something nice in Ben's truck. I jumped up inside and found a bag of yummy yellow lemon drops. I love sweet treats!

And then I got caught - ON CAMERA! It was worth getting in a little trouble, because lemon drops are one of my favorite treats.

This is my little friend Coco. Coco came to live with me for a little while. It was really luck for both of us. I had just gone through my fetal monster thing, which left me really depressed and my udder really full.

Coco didn't like the bottle milk his human friends were feeding him, so I took him under my hoof for a little while.

We had a lot of fun together. Once I taught Coco about all the tasty things to eat in the pasture.

Once Coco got used to eating solid food like hay and grain, he went back to live on his own farm. Hopefully I'll get another friend soon!

This is my Goat House. It's a nice cozy place to sleep or get out of the rain. On a sunny day, it's a nice shady place to lay down and chew some cud. And sometimes I like to climb up on top of the Goat House, and then I can look the horses in the eyes.

My Goat House also has a little window in it, and I like to stick my head through it to see who's in my Goat House. When I'm taking a nap and hear somebody coming, I can look out my window to see if they have a treat for me.