Engineering the world.

Now offering design and documentation services in VidCad. VidCad is the premiere platform for documenting video and communication systems. I have recently completed factory training on the latest version of VidCad, and am available on a contract and daily-hire basis to help with your engineering documentation.
Good documentation goes beyond mere schematics of wires and cables - it captures multiple levels of data and detail about your physical plant and equipment. VidCad utilizes a powerful database to automate all information about your plant, right down to equipment serial numbers. It is an essentail tool not just for system design, but also for the long term maintenance and upgrading of your facility.

On-Demand Services

Many facilities don't have the budget to hire a full-time engineer, or feel that their current facility adequetly supports their needs. In an economy that demands ever increasing productivity, you need both on-demand engineering suppor, and a facility that maximizes the time and talent of your employees. I am always available to my clients to answer questions, evaluate needs and technologies, and make the most out of their resources. I take an integrated approach to help find the best technologies and systems to achieve your goals and maximize ROI.

Proven Experience

I have crewed political conventions, Presidential transmission pools, remote news gathering, and corporate facilities. Membership in industry organizations such as SMPTE and WEBE assure you a current skill set and familiarity with a wide range of systems and gear. These groups also provide a broad base of resources - if I'm not the right person for your project, I'll let you know up front. And I'll help you find the engineer that is right for your needs.

Uplinlk engineer for domestic and international Ku band transmissions. From 2.4m SNG trucks to 90cm fly-packs, I have the experience to get you on the air. When a story breaks, and your engineers are working 20 hour shifts, you need an extra hand. When you are unable to move due to DOT out-of-hours, you need someone who can not only drive your SNG, but get it up and running on location. I am also familiar with microwave (both ENG trucks and portable). I am based out of Charlottesville, VA and Washington, DC. Have tools, will travel.

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