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DVD Authoring and Production

DVD is an ideal alternative to VHS for preseting sales videos to clients. Not only is the quality much higher, but the DVD give your client the ability to easily pause and slo-mo.

My professional DVD authoring services go far beyond simply putting a video on DVD. Your custom DVD can be a cost-effective way to present all your horses on one disc - saving you the hassle of keeping multiple tapes on the shelf to send out. Your custom DVD can be easily updated as your horses and your needs change. A professional DVD also allows you to present your clients with options - they can watch the sales video, or choose to watch past performances.

DVDs are the ultimate in farm and stallion promotion. A stallion DVD can include not just the stallions video, but videos produced for his get and of his mares. Bloodlines and still photos can be added to create a complete multimedia experience.

Your DVD can also be specially tailored for your horse show and exhibition needs. Your DVD never needs to be rewound, and can even be authored to randomly play your videos and photos - a must when running your DVD at your stalls all day long. Not only will it not drive you crazy with repetition, but also makes sure that your visitors are alays experiencing something new and interesting.

Your professioanl DVD also includes a wide variety of professional labeling and packaging options.

Let your imagination run wild - with a professional DVD from BenThere Media.