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Belgium and The Netherlands

Prologue... I've only known of three Belgians. King Leopold II, Joseph Conrad, and Hercule Poiroit. The first was an unlikely king who colonized a good chunck of Africa through terror and political intrigue. The second was a shipping clerk, self-taught in English, who wrote about the terror of the king (amongst other things). The third a fictional character of Christy's mysteries. The portrayel by David Suchet formed my impression of the Belgians before I arrived: A people togged in formal clothed, prim and particular, and a bit portly from the good life. I forgot to bring a tie. This wasn't a problem...

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May 1, 1999: On the way to Belgium. I wanted a mission, and for my sins they gave me one.
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May 2, 1999: Arriving in Brussels - Paris without the attitude, Brits with scalpels and concert tickets.
May 3, 1999: 36 hours, three miles of cable, and NATO's basement.
May 4, 1999: The final touches, the press arrives, the fun begins!
May 5, 1999: POUTS comes, POTUS goes, when we'll stop nobody knows...
May 6, 1999: On to another country and another time
May 7, 1999: Making new friends, finding new things about events past
May 8, 1999: The adventure into the past continues
May 9, 1999: Back to the States. A postlogue on the trip and the past.