Africa Links
There is much more to Africa than I can hope to see in my lifetime. But like many others, I now have the Africa bug, and I can't seem to get it out of my head! But not only does the new world order let me share my experiences with you, we can all explore parts of Africa from our homes.

While this isn't quite enough for me, untill my fortune is made and early retirement realized, it will have to do.

Please note that many of these sites can take some time to load. Keep in mind that telecom services in the continent are tremendously mired in the legacies of post-colonialism. Some inra-Africa calls are still routed through telecom offices in France! As with the real thing, this web safari can teach many lessons on patience...

Channel Africa is a programming unit of South Africa Broadcasing Corp. providing news and music to Africa via shortwave, and to the world on satellite and the internet
Air Time Outside Broadcasts provided us with intra-city microwave links in Cape Town and Johannesburg.